Thursday, May 19, 2005

PS3 controversy at E3

At the E3, Sony showed a concept video for a PS3 game called KillZone to showcase the power of the PS3. The video can be seen at IGN via this link. The quality of graphics and detail of gameplay is amazing..!!

Now comes the problem - IGN themselves have posted this article questioning the authenticity of the video. And many others also share the same opinion. Why..? Well, their reasoning is this - its too good to be real..! - I have heard that phrase before - used in a metaphorical way!! - but this time it is being used literally :)

I can undestand the sentiment though, Sony has not done a hardware or software demo for the console - they haven't even given those hardcaore gamers a look at the console (apart from videos). Most people have no doubt that the PS3 could achieve that sort of performance, but given the rudimentary stage of PS3's development (assumed), suggestions are that this particular video is a fake.

My opinion - I like that video - graphics are stunning - gameplay is impressive - if they can deliver a game like that, then even an established franchise like Halo will be looking at daunting competition. Gamerspeak: I hope they will deliver it..!!


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