Wednesday, May 18, 2005

PS3 unveiled

Finally get the chance to post about the PS3. After all my posts reagarding XBOX 360, I was hoping to balance the equation with details from Sony's end - but resisted the temptation to simply write stuff off the rumor mill.

So finally, the PS3 was unveiled on the first day of the E3 gaming expo in LA. I needn't say much about this console - if you were impressed by XBOX 360 - the hardware on this will blow you away. 1UP has this good detailed review of the PS3. Its awesome!!

It'll still be a very interesting battle - PS3 Vs XBOX 360. Lot of trend analysts are already at work making predictions. I read a report yesterday - claiming that the XBOX will definitely match the PSX in market share if not beat it over the next 5 years. These reporst never fail to amuse me. Anyway, who are we to complain - we gamers get the best end of the deal - excellent products to choose from - I'm personally favoring the PS3 right now.

Also, the XBOX is still on track for an earlier market release(year end) than PS3 (expected next spring). So I guess its good they will stay clear of each other. But, the tactician that is Bill Gates - in a recent interview in Time magazine he stated that upon release, the PS3 would walk into Halo 3 - possibly the same day - ouch!!


At May 18, 2005 1:42 PM, Anonymous Kapil said...

Given the difference in price categories and the individual strength of both products I don't think Halo 3 or PS3 will hurt each other's sales.

One good thing Sony did is make it very clear early on that PS3 would be completely backward compatible, including the original PS. XBOX 360 has been quite flaky on this issue.


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