Thursday, April 21, 2005

Snap suggests differently

Snap provides a Google Suggest type of search interface. It looks like and probably is yet another search engine no where close to Google - but they do one thing differently, and maybe a touch better.

Unlike, Google Suggest which gives the count of number of results for a query, Snap on the other hand, provides and sorts on the number of queries made by users. Its hard to say, unless statistically proven either way, that which of the two provides better search results/experience for users - but I do find this innovative, and think, this might just a be a touch a better.

Search queries are personally motivated, but on many occasions we see a surge of acertain search keywords owing to news or certain events. For example, the sad demise of the Pope would have led to a lot more queries on the Pope's life, hence making "Pope John Paul II" a very common search string. So, Snap's way might definitely be the way to go, if Google decides to make a Suggest for something like news or for Froogle.


At April 21, 2005 4:53 AM, Anonymous Arvind said...

Looking at your earlier post about Search History and looking at Snap mainting a count of active searches, couldn't help but wonder, Google could easily personalize Suggest once it has enough of a search history of a person. Should make it much better than any kind of counts.

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