Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Coolest Apartment hunt ever

In an earlier post - I mentioned integration of the keyhole satellite imagery with Google Maps - I had a feeling that such a powerful tool would provide an ideal platform for many more services to come up.

Paul Rademacher here has done a very cool and innovative integration of Google Maps with Craigslist - to provide the coolest apartment hunt tool ever.

Another thing I intended to post about last week was about another Google service which seems like a cool idea - but alas - doesn't seem like it is working. I am talking about the Google Ride Finder. My understanding of the description is - that this should post live positions of vehicles. The whole plan sounded extremely ambitious to me in the first place - but you can never be sure with Google. Though, observing the Manhattan ride-finder for a few hours I realized that the positions hadn't changed. Well, its still with the Labs - so I guess it'll get there soon enough.


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