Saturday, August 13, 2005

AOL confused...?

AOL seems to be going multiple directions without much clue. They are on the verge of launching a service capable of using/talking to Jabber. At the same time, we know that they use SIP for their VoIP services. So I can't help but wonder, which direction would their IM protocol go. SIMPLE would be an obvious choice, but with Jabber in the fray, XMPP just stuck its head into the picture.

IE7 beta

Read here.

Shrink to print sounds like a good feature. - Nice one. The security features sound good but it is obvious from the tests done that at this point they are purely ornamental and do nothing. Security was always a pain with IE - lets see if they can bring down the patches per month values.

Humm, MS finally decided to including built-in search toolbars..! And look where they placed it... hahaha.
Doesn't quite look like the Fox yet - but its getting there. A few more tweaks, and the only diff would be the good old blue E instead of the of the fox.

Crazy month

... but now I'm back!