Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cellphones over Skype

Norwegian company IPdrum has developed a patent-pending solution to connect GSM phones over Skype's VoIP service. The solution is configured in such a manner that any GSM phone can connect to any other GSM phone across the globe at local call rates. Sounds ground-breaking doesn't it..?

Get into a little detail of their solution, and you will soon realize that it is extremely simple and anything but ground-breaking. But it sure is innovative and IPdrum deserves credit for this.

The solution comes with a "mobile cable". This cable essentially connects the cellphone to the USB port of a PC. Thereafter, the user is "connected" to IPdrum's softswitch on the PC. From here on Skype API takes over. Calls to Skype users are free and to anyone else cellphone/POTS, will cost SkypeOut's long distance charge of about 2.4 cents/min.

FYI, this product is not endorsed by Skype (if that makes any difference..?). This is expected to launch mid-August and will be priced between $60-$80.


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